Striped Wool Jacket


Made from green, blue and yellow stripe print, medium woven, wool blend. The liner and collar are made from dark blue, woven fleece, miscellaneous blend. This garment features two large pockets on the front, a soft interior liner and a button down front opening. It has a simple minimalist oversized fit, roughly size Medium.

The first collection MONTREAL is made using only recycled, upcycled, thrifted or preloved materials found around the city. The MONTREAL collection is made to show the diversity of the city’s inhabitants. This diversity manifests itself through fabric and textiles coming from all over the world, brought here either through migration or as souvenirs in travelers bags. This seasonless and genderless collection is uni design’s very first and we are proud to present it to you. 

Given the use of upcycled textiles, the exact fabric composition is often difficult to identify. For this reason, we indicate only what we know. If we are uncertain about a fibre composition, we will indicate that it is a blend, and in the case that we truly do not know, we indicate “miscellaneous”. Thank you for understanding and please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions. 

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